Nerve Reflexology: Lower neck - Thorax - Shoulder - Arm - Organs
This 3 day course is equivalent to Nerve Reflexology Level II as provided by MNT-NR International.

Nerve Reflexology with Touchpoint at your own pace. Take 1, 2 or 3 modules in any order you like.

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Subjects for the three days:

  • Introduction and basic technique
  • Detailed knowledge of the nervous system
  • How to stimulate nerve reflex points with immediate effect (less pain, more movement)
  • Drawing all points on your personal model of a foot skeleton
  • NR points for spinal nerves of the neck and thorax
  • NR points for the brachial plexus
  • NR points for the thorax, shoulder and arm
  • NR points for sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
  • To understand connections between the musculo-skeletal system, inner organs and nerves
  • Assessment procedures for the neck and shoulder
  • Assessment of thoracic outlet
  • Assessment of high sympathetic activity (stress)
  • Case work and discussions
  • Combining NR with other therapies

What is Nerve Reflexology?

A shortcut to faster and more efficient treatment, Nerve Reflexology is a therapeutic method that works directly with the nervous system. The method uses more than 100 precisely localized points, all of which are found on the periosteum of the foot skeleton. Each point reflects a specific nerve or structure of the nervous system.

Points are treated with a static manual pressure until any pain in the point has subsided, but maximum 15 seconds. The method has therapeutic value and at the same time provides diagnostic feedback about the condition of the body’s tissues.

Because impulses are given directly to the nervous system, the method allows for very precise treatment, and the effect often occurs immediately. For example, it is easy to observe how tight muscles relax immediately by testing range of motion, and clients often feel surprisingly quick pain relief.

Course structure

Touchpoint offer diploma courses in Nerve Reflexology.

The complete training consists of 3 individual three-day modules.

All 3 modules include introduction and basic technique, and you may therefore follow the courses in any order you wish.

If you would like to become a licensed Nerve Reflexologist, you need to pass the exam we offer after completion of all 3 modules.

Watch the video:

NR intro UK


Nerve Reflexology was originally discovered in Germany by Walther and Ellen Froneberg. Today the method is constantly being developed and refined under the auspices of Belgium based MNT-NR International headed by physiotherapist Nico Pauly.

Nerve Reflexology is best known amongst physiotherapists and reflexologists in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and United Kingdom.

In each of the three NR-courses we provide a suggested treatment scheme or work sequence.
This is both an easy way to proceed with the session and a valuable aid in learning and remembering the new points.

The treatment scheme is part of the workbook and also handed out as a handy laminated chart together with a chart of point positions.

Treatment scheme

Instructors: Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen

On Touchpoint courses and workshops you benefit from having two instructors throughout the days.
Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen are both highly experienced international teachers, who present a mixture of theory, demonstrations and lots of hands-on practice.

This workshop is taught in English

An extensive fully illustrated workbook is included with the workshop.

Who can attend?
The course is open to all types of manual therapists. Basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a great advantage. The necessary theory about the nervous systems and the function of individual nerves is covered during the course.

Touchpoint International Summer School
This workshop is part of our Summer School, which takes place in Copenhagen in July 2018.
Read more about the summer school here >

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