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This workshop is taught in English.
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Subjects for the workshop

  • Introduction to NR and basic techniques 
  • Detailed knowledge of the nervous system 
  • Spinal nerves and autonomic nervous system 
  • Cranial nerves 
  • Sensitisation and the trigeminal nucleus as background reason for many pain syndroms 
  • How to stimulate nerve reflex points with immediate effect 
  • How the nervous system links inner organs to chronic movement problems 
  • Drawing all points on your personal model of a foot skeleton 
  • Middle ear and sinus infections, how to treat with NR 
  • Assessment of high sympathetic activity (stress) 
  • Tooth pain and TMJ tension and the trigiminal nerve. 
  • Case work and discussions 
  • Combining NR with other therapies

Watch the video

NR intro UK

What is nervereflexlogoy?

A shortcut to faster and more efficient treatment, Nerve Reflexology is a therapeutic method that works directly with the nervous system. The method uses more than 100 precisely localized points, all of which are found on the periosteum of the foot skeleton. Each point reflects a specific nerve or structure of the nervous system. 

Points are treated with a static manual pressure until any pain in the point has subsided, but maximum 15 seconds. The method has therapeutic value and at the same time provides diagnostic feedback about the condition of the body’s tissues. 

Because impulses are given directly to the nervous system, the method allows for very precise treatment, and the effect often occurs immediately. For example, it is easy to observe how tight muscles relax immediately by testing range of motion, and clients often feel surprisingly quick pain relief.

The Overview of techniques shows all the techniques we teach in the workshop. 

Towards the end of the course, we discuss the overview of techniques, which, built on our clinical experiences, is meant as an inspirational tool and a way to remember the new techniques.

Treatment scheme

Course structure

Touchpoint offer diploma courses in Nerve Reflexology. 

The complete training consists of 3 individual three-day modules. 

All 3 modules include introduction and basic technique, and you may therefore follow the courses in any order you wish. 

If you would like to become a licensed Nerve Reflexologist, you need to pass the exam we offer after completion of all 3 modules.

Training in Nerve Reflexology is also provided by MNT-NR International >


Nerve Reflexology was originally developed in Germany by Walther and Ellen Froneberg. Today the method is constantly being extended and refined under the auspices of Belgium based MNT-NR International headed by physiotherapist Nico Pauly. 

Nerve Reflexology is best known amongst physiotherapists and reflexologists in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and United Kingdom.

Instructors: Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen

An extensive fully illustrated workbook is included with the workshop.

Who can attend?
The course is open to all types of manual therapists. Basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a great advantage. The necessary theory about the nervous systems and the function of individual nerves is covered during the course.

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