Touchpoint Workshops

Touchpoint offers a range of post-graduate reflexology workshops under the umbrella: Round about…
In each seminar we concentrate on a specific health problem or area of the body and look at it in great detail from a range of viewpoints.

Our speciality is the inclusion of many different reflexology methods. You will be introduced to nerve-reflexology, different Scandinavian methods, new reflex zones for muscles, etc.

In order to become more effective and direct in your treatment, you will learn various testing procedures to evaluate the client before and after treatment.

We always include conventional knowledge such as extended anatomy/physiology, pathology and allopathic treatment but we also look at the philosophical and psychological implications involved.

Included with all seminars is an extensive illustrated manual covering theory as well as all practical techniques, reflexes and points.
Laminated charts and DVD's will be available for purchase.
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About the tutors
With the combination of many years of clinical reflexology experience and a solid medical background, Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen form a perfect partnership as educators.
They ensure high professional standards with the focus on new methods and techniques, convening new knowledge that may immediately be set to use in the reflexology practise.
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